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Thread: 11/11 Warrior LF 11/11 HK Guild (PvE)

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    Default 11/11 Warrior LF 11/11 HK Guild (PvE)

    As the title suggests, 11/11 Warrior LF 11/11 HK guild on a PvE shard only
    4 piece DPS
    5 piece Tank

    Experience dpsing/tanking every boss in game
    Prefer DPS, but will offtank if needed

    My times of availability are:
    Tuesday - after 5 server
    Thursday - after 5 server
    Friday - any time
    Saturday - any time
    Sunday - any time

    I cannot raid Monday or Wednesday

    If your guild has a schedule that fits this and are looking for a skilled war, please PM

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    No Remorse @seastone is currently looking for competive warrior DPS! 11/11 HK and this is a CORE raid spot.

    Feel free to contact me ingame @Seastone on most evenings or send me a PM. Email is SquashGaming@hotmail.ca
    more info can be found at NoRemorseGuild.enjin.com

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    -- Squash

    3/4 FT - 4/4 TotDQ - 8/8 ID Conq - Deepwood

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    Where You Are Not


    Sent you a PM.
    Retired from raiding

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