Ethereal Shadows is 5/11 in HK and consistently getting King to 20% - working on this kill next.

We would like to add a handful of more good members to our guild.

The majority of our guild have been together since 2000 in EQ and have played numerous games together. We are a guild of adults and are friends. We have fun in game while trying to progress through raid content.

Our website is click on the forum link and post an application on our forums.

We use ventrillo and a dkp bidding system for loot. We are currently focusing on progressing in HK. We just need some more players to fill out our ranks so we can ensure we always have a full raid.

RAID SCHEDULE: Wednesday 8pm EST (for about 3 hours), Thursday 8pm EST (for about 3 hours) and Saturday 8pm est (until people log off).... those start times are 5pm server time

Warriors - accepting
Rogues - accepting
Mages - accepting
Clerics - closed - really don't *need* clerics as this is the one area we are usually always heavy in