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Thread: LF Guild | Exp player | Mature | Guardian | Warrior Tank / Cleric Healer (2 Toons)

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    Default LF Guild | Exp player | Mature | Guardian | Warrior Tank

    Hey guys and gals returning back to Rift, and probably a place I should have stayed long ago. Started with Rift in Beta 5, and played about 7 months from launch, and then came back about 2 months ago for about 2 weeks. Then got sucked in with friends to swtor (mistake) We all know the typical story with mmo's these day, but to be honest just wanted to stay with what I like. Like I have said before have experience in a lot of mmo's: Rift, AOC, wow, War, lorto, etc etc.... If its an mmo I have played them all to max level and raided with them. Sometimes multiple toons. Typical player mmo history, but wanted to point that out.....So with that being said.....

    About me / Wants:
    - I play around 14 hours a day
    - Located in CST time zone
    - 21+ age group
    - LF raid times to be starting at 6PM ,7PM, Server, and end no later then 11PM CST Monday - Thursday
    - 15+ Guild rank I would like, but not needed


    1. The Drowned Halls - Completed Main Tanked
    2. Gilded Prophecy - Completed Main Tank
    3. Greenscale's Blight - Completed Main Tank
    4. The River of Souls - Completed off Tank
    5. Rise of the Phoenix - Not started
    6. Hammerknell Fortress - Not started

    1. 311 Hit
    2. 231 Toughness

    Bottom line folks is I'm just coming back to the game, but I'm very hardcore when it comes to getting my toons to a certain status. Still learning all the in's and out's of Rift again. I'm looking for a mature guild that would like to add a nice edition to there guild, and maybe guide me with there knowledge to fill a need they may have. Well if you're interested please send me a private message on here with your guild name, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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    Default Try your Fate

    http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.asp...&TabID=3667078. Chk us out see if we are what you are looking for.

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