We are a mature multigaming Guild that is over 10 yrs old, and are returnin to Rift. We are a very casual, fun loving group. We are recruiting all levels of players, no skill or gear requirements, but you must be 18+yrs old. We use Ventrillo, especially for Dungeons and Raiding. We do not have any high level players yet, but are working towards end game raiding. We have currently both male and female members. We don't actively seek role playing or role playing events, but we do not mind if newer members are interested in that, and would help them organize events if they would like. Basically, we like to have fun, and do that in a variety of ways. Come be a part of an established multi-gaming organization you can literally grow old with. Please contact by pst, or in game mail to one of the following characters:

Arisda (GM): mostly evenings during the week.
Martana (XO)

Otherwise, don't be shy to give us a "hail" when you see us!