Hey there. I'm a 3rd shifter atm unfortunately and I always have to be at work by 9:30pm cst.. so I have to leave at 9pm. I'm a very competent player that enjoys healing or dps'ing. I've done most of GSB/RoS and I've killed Murdantix in HK. (cleared gp/dh, havent been to rotp yet). Most of my gear is T1 Raid quality with a few T2 expert items that I haven't replaced yet.

I'd love to get into raiding in Rift more, but with awkward work hours on 3rd shift it seems like there's virtually no guilds that raid early evenings in rift.

Anyhow, if there's a guild that raids early evenings (4-7pm server time) give me a shout out please!


-Ashiros, 50 Cleric @ Wolfsbane