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Thread: <Obsidian Order> Wants You!

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    Default <Obsidian Order> Wants You!

    Obsidian Order is a Level 5 guild, recently transferred from Crucia, started by members of OO from Anarchy Online. We are a relaxed, laid back group that of people that help each other, learn together, and have fun. New players leveling their first toons are as welcome as are established toons who want to help build a solid, friendly org.

    AO OO members in good standing are automatically admitted.

    Send a /tell in-game to Qseyu or Doreah for more information.
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    Qseyu: Rogue Rank 8--er--40 ... Jhiqi: Mage Level 50
    [4/4 GP 4/4 DH 5/5 GSB 5/5 ROS 4/4 ROTP 3/11 HK]
    Firebrand <High On Fire>

    <High On Fire> is recruiting for our raid team. Visit us to apply.

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