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Thread: <Raven's Call>, looking for mature players of all types.

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    Default <Raven's Call>, looking for mature players of all types.

    <Raven's Call> was formed as a Defiant guild for active players of all levels on the Sunrest PVP-RP server, but with Sunrest being restricted to trial accounts, we have finally packed up and moved.

    We are made up mostly of older gamers looking to play to our fullest potential without dealing with a lot of drama or a cumbersome set of guild bylaws. We're designed as a guild for the player with a family, or other obligations outside of the game. We do not have a mandatory playing schedule, nor do we require anything from our members aside from agreeing with the guidelines in our Guild Charter, posted below.

    Currently the guild is small and new, and is not yet running any raids. This may change in the future, but raiding will never be a requirement for membership. We welcome roleplaying, but do not enforce it, nor do we RP during guild-run instances.

    Note: Ventrilo will be a requirement for guild events, though you may choose to listen only.

    Please contact Nymeras or Sinuage in-game if you are interested.

    Raven's Call Charter

    Respect Your Fellow Guildmates:
    We all joke and have fun, but Raven's Call won't be a hostile place to play. This is just common sense: Racial slurs won't be tolerated. Harassment of any player, male or female, will not be tolerated.

    Keep "Drama" out of the Guild:
    Don't freak out because you didn't get a piece of loot. Don't spread rumors about one another. Raven's Call is a place to relax and have fun, not a place to deal with someone's personal soap opera. Leave the drama in real life.

    Take Constructive Criticism:
    While we don't force anyone to play something they don't enjoy, other players may try to point out ways you can improve the styles of play you do enjoy. Take such criticism in stride, and don't get offended; nobody is trying to belittle you, but rather, help you play at your fullest potential. We were all new once, and we all have something left to learn.

    Guild Chat Guidelines:
    While we welcome roleplayers, Guild Chat is not for roleplaying, as it becomes too confusing to non-roleplayers. Please don't RP in guild chat. Keep in mind that there may be profanity in guild chat, and that's fine as long as it doesn't slip into racial slurs or harassment. Please refrain from discussing politics in Guild Chat, as no good comes of it.
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