<Soulside> is a new guild to the Faeblight server. We are founded by relocated veterans from the Shadefallen server. Both guild leaders have T1 raiding experience in Drowned Halls and Gilded Prophecy and some River of Souls and Greenscale Blight.

We are a friendly/casual playstyle guild looking to raid in the near future, starting with 10 man slivers and rifts and working our way up the the 20man raids.

We support all play styles, levels, classes, ages, genders, sexual orientations, creeds, and religions, and anything else you might want.

If you have any questions about the guild you can send a tell to Snitch or Dayson.

If you would like to apply (Everyone is accepted) you can visit our website at soulside.guildportal.com and click Join Soulside. Or send a tell to Snitch or Dayson online in game.