Hail Fablighters! We have arrived to stand tall in the breeches (get it breeches=pants, clever huh?) of Telara's front lines of her struggle against Prince Hylas and the Other Evil Bullies. Alas, my friends, we have come to you after our original homeland was invaded by little furry planular creatures called "Ewoks". They kidnapped most of order and carried them away to the plane called Swtor. I only escaped by pretending to be a storefront mannequin at the local Every Robes A Gold Piece store. We are sadly much reduced. So we come forth posing the following questions:
When you went to Silverwood College did the "cool" Ascendants draw mustaches and beards on the picture of your student i.d. plaque? Did they make you allow them to copy your homework as "protection" ? Did they throw your best pocket protector down the hole in the bench of the "Little Mages Room"? Did you immigrate to Faeblight worried you would end up being a fry cook at Fabian's Fried Vaiyuu Shack? If you answered yes to any of the questions then Diamond Katana is the place you've always belonged but just didn't know it. Join us and you'll never have to face another noogie or wet willie alone ever again!
You can contact me, Raverstyx, Guild Recruiting Officer and Director of Sanitation Engineering, or any member that doesn't hide very good for info or interview.

***RealWorld Stuff**
What DK is:
A group of friends having a fun in Rift. We are super casual, no log in requirements, mature required as we are adults and would like to stay that way. We encourage playing the way that makes you happy, since this is a GAME and not the validation for our lives, Real Life comes first! We like to help each other, and help the other nice folks we've met in Rift enjoy the game we call home. Even though we are mosty PVE, PvP sometimes happens, and while we are not RPers we absolutely respect other people that do enjoy this facet of the game. If I could figure how to do it without looking like a goober, I might join in! We recently got Vent (mostly for our SWTOR chapter, but Rifters can hijack a channel) and we have a website www.diamondkatana.com
What DK is NOT:
Powergamers, Harcore Raiders, loot grabbers, bullies, chat/board Trolls, mean spirited boogers..you get the idea. If you are any of these, enjoy yourselves, just not with us please..we ain't the gig for you.