<Regni de Dementis> Looking for Serious members.
Regni de Dementis [Kings of Dementia] is currently searching for people to join and help beef up our roster for GSB and RoS! We pride ourselves on being as professional as we can be, and we need the right people to complete our Raid roster.

You should join us if these fit you:
* You want to Raid and progress with our Guild
* You know how to have fun playing RIFT
* You are mature, you must be mature to become a Guild member
* You have the motivation to step up and help out if needed
* You are active and can make it to set Raid times.

You should NOT join us if any of these describe you:
* If you only play to gear yourself, or hunt achievements.
* You cannot Raid without arguing with someone, and causing drama.
* You are not willing to listen to the advice of people trying to help you.

Other info about us:
- Kings of Dementia is a Hardcore raiding guild, And PvP. on Keenblade Defiant (PvE). Our current progression is 4/4 DH, 4/4 GP, 3/5 GSB, and 2/5 RoS. Our goal is to see the content of the game with a mature group of people who work together to progress through it.
- Our Raid days are as followed: Wednesday (DH and GP), Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday are set aside for GSB and RoS, as well as RotP. We start Raiding at 5:00 PM Server time.
- On our non-Raiding days, or days we cannot fit a Raid in we do run a lot of T2's, as well as Raid Rifts, and Expert Rifts. This is to better gear out lower geared members.
- Our loot system is based on Main Spec roll's if you do NOT need or someone else needs then it will go to the member that most needs the item, we try to make it as fair as we can.
- We use Mumble, its like Ventrilo but better.
- www.RDD-Guild.com is our website if you would like to check it out.

To contact someone if you have interest in Joining send an in game mail to Mcbash, Drunkenidiot, Minmay, Holyazash, Vindicant, Book or you can reply to this post.

- Mcbash - I will get it and respond as quickly as I can.