Recently arrived from Estrael.

Small raiding guild seeks like-minded players for fun!

Raids typically occur in the evenings - Eastern Standard Time.

Our play style could be described as "Seriously Casual" in that we play on a casual schedule, but take execution seriously.

In order to maximize our enjoyment of the game, we're looking for a pretty specific—and unfortunately, rare—kind of person to play with; hence our resorting to posting out in the wild here.

We enjoy the game by approaching encounters with unconventional solutions. In an otherwise straightforward and repetitive genre, we find enjoyment by doing things differently. Generally, our philosophy can be summed up by the following: It's the Journey, Not the Destination.

We derive our enjoyment from problem-solving and playing -well-, and insist that overcoming each raid encounter be a milestone to be proud of. We see each encounter as a puzzle, with the development of a strategy, employment of raid resources, and the execution of the fight as the solution. Essentially, we instance and raid for the thrill and enjoyment of collaborative puzzle solving. Gear facilitates advancement, not the other way around.

In order to preserve an environment that allows this style of raiding, we have a few inflexible ground-rules:

* Spoilers and Guides are NOT Welcome! Wiping a few times in an effort to completely understand an encounter and arrive at our own solution is preferable to blindly executing a pre-canned "Strat de jour." If we arrive at the same solution, that's fine. The point is to get there on our own merit, skill, and problem solving abilities (note: watching YouTube videos is not a "problem solving ability").
* Concepts of "Traditional" Class Roles Stifle our style. While we accept that this is, to some extent, a class-based game, a solution is considered "Way Awesomer" if it involves a player doing unconventional things.
* Quality Over Quantity. We're committed to progressing through the game together, and would like you to join us. The pace won't be breakneck, but we're more interested in a fun experience that emphasizes camaraderie and quality play. For us, the content is the same whether it's experienced now or later. Doing it first isn't what interests us; our satisfaction derives from solving it ourselves at whatever pace is necessary to do so.

If any of this feels like the philosophical equivalent of a cool, refreshing mountain breeze, we'd like very much to meet you.