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Thread: 5/11 HK Rogue Looking For Guild

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    Default 5/11 HK Rogue Looking For Guild

    My main is a 5/11 HK Rogue, I've also seen Grug below 50% but we were having attendance problems, and after a large number of core raiders left, I wasn't interested in staying to wait for people to be recruited and geared, and taught about the fights (again) an so I'm looking for a new guild who is able to supply a full time raid spot.

    Details on my rogue and her stats are at the bottom of the post.

    I'm looking for a guild that is at least 5/11 in HK, to be honest I'd rather a 10/11 guild. But I understand that a lack of luck in gearing may prevent me from this.
    I'm rather stubborn and know that I'm not the world's most skilled raider. But I like to think that I make up for that with common sense, logic, enthusiasm and persistence. I work hard in raids and do my best to stay up to date with the newest DPS specs, etc. I have also lead almost all the Pre HK Raid Content.

    As for availability, it's very flexible because of my work, Any time after 8pm Server time. 7 days a week. And if it's the right guild, I'd be willing to swap shifts so I can raid during the day.


    If there's guilds recruiting for HK I'd love to hear from them, just send me a message And I'll answer any questions that I can.

    I have full T3 gear plus my T4 gloves. No relic weapon.

    DPS; Marksman (With Ranger Crystal 4pce)
    1052 AP
    927 Crit
    307 Hit (No Runes, can weapons to get 320 Hit)
    Parsed 2150 on Murdantix.

    Support; Bard (Still use my MM/Rgr Crystal till I've finished my other sigils and get a bard crystal)
    HP 6.9K
    Dex 752
    AP 928
    Crit 976
    Hit332 (No Runes)

    Gear is T3 with RotP Helm, and HK Neck. Sigil is unfinished (missing 4 essences). Also lacking 1 tank ring.

    Tank 1; Riftstalker 51 Rgr Brd
    HP 15 265
    Armor 7665
    Dex 329
    Toughness 220
    AP 416
    Hit 329
    Dodge 527 12.49%
    Parry 337 5.45%
    Deflect 329 15.95% (31.33% damage reduction)

    Tank 2; Riftstalker/Blade Dancer
    HP: 14165
    Armor 7160
    Dex 416
    End 1227
    Tough 220
    AP 417
    Hit 339
    Dodge 614 (24.55% with False Blade)
    Parry 337 5.45%
    Deflect 416 20.1%9 (36.59% damage reduction)

    I think I haven't missed any details.

    Like I said my gear isn't as good as many people who have been in HK but unfortunatley I have no luck with rolling for relic bows, or getting any DPS gear from HK that I dont' have to buy myself.
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