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Thread: LF active raiding guild.

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    Default LF active raiding guild.

    Hi there,

    Currently there are two of us looking for a raiding guild and shortly there will be a third. We come (like many) from WoW where we raided a significant amount. (4 days a week, 4 hours a night).

    I've cleared everything there was to clear in WoW up till when I quit (which was when Firelands came out). Personally I have raided on every single class in WoW. When I quit I had 5 85's, and 7 80's.

    My current toon is a Defiant Mage. Preferred spec is Chloro but not dead set. Gear is a mix: basically heroic T1/T2 with maybe a piece or two of raid T1 I've got from pug's along the way. The other character is also a Mage (Pyro preferred) with similar gear. Definitely willing to sideline it till we get geared up.

    We're not HK geared I know, but it would take us a short time to get there. Your current guilds progression doesn't matter much to us so long as it is progressing faster than it's not. We're not too interested in casual "raid when we can" type guilds, as we want to raid consistently. We are PST and we live pretty busy lives so we're not able to rush home at 5:00 to log on and raid so as such we prefer later raid times. (7:00 PST starting time or later).

    If you feel you may have a spot please reply to the the thread or fire me an in game mail on Deepwood - toon is named Qube. (Again, defiant).

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    Sent you a PM and an In-Game msg.

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