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Thread: Strong Player LFG

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    Default Strong Player LFG

    Galena is being turned over to test and my current guild is unlikely to survive internal drama and transfer.

    I'm just a dude with 4 50s all ready for 20 mans.
    I have a HK read Cleric with heal/tanking/dps roles

    All other chars are 10 and 20 man ready and could be ready for early HK in any role. Mix of T2, crafted, and raid gear.

    Active on forums for yp to date strats and builds.

    Looking for raids thst start 8pm central or later.
    Prefer adults who arent uptight.

    Will pvp and run dungeons with friends. Will indepentantly gear up and supply self.

    PMs or messages here, i am willing to chat about my background on your server if you make contact. I play hard, but dont take myself serious.

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    Where have you heard that Galena's going to be a test shard? That's my shard btw.

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    Hate to see you leave bro. Good luck.

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