Nephilim, a 19th lvl guild on the Alsbeth shard is briefly opening its doors to recruitment. We are currently 10/11 in Hammerknell and are working on the third phase of Akylios (fun times!).

We are a semi-hard core guild that has fun but takes our raiding seriously. Our website calendar is filled with three nights a week of hard progressive raiding and our off nights are filled with 10 mans, GSB/RoS achievement runs, Rift Raids and Crafting Lure Nights. We use a sign up calendar extensively to help guild members with more difficult schedules get invited to raids.

The guilds culture is mature. We have businessmen, stay at home moms and more than one student trying to juggle college and rift. You can expect to hear the occasional curse or dirty joke being repeated in mumble or in guild chat. All that being said, real life IS understood.

Our current needs include:

1 Cleric Raid Healer with a dps off-spec that is HK ready or more. You should be able to make all of our raiding nights as this will be a heavily depended upon raid slot. Having started (or finished) your water resist set will be a huge bonus over other applicants.

We are also looking to recruit more casual raiders. If you might not be able to make many raids due to a chaotic schedule or family life, but still desire to see end game content, we might be a perfect fit for you.

Our raiding schedule is as follows:

Since the raid week begins on wed, our schedule does too! All times are server times.

Wed 6pm-9pm Hammerknell
Thurs 6pm-9pm Hammerknell
Friday 6pm-9pm GSB/RoS Achievement Runs
Sat 6pm-9pm GSB/RoS Achievement Runs
Sun 6pm -? ? Raid Rifts and Crafting Lures
Mon 6pm-9pm Hammerknell
Tues 6pm-9pm 10-mans

If we sound like something that might fit YOU, I highly encourage you to go to and check out the FAQ tab. It has a lot more information about who we are in it. Including our loot systems, policies, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read and if you have any questions, please feel free to create a character on Alsbeth and look up Desrada.

Take Care,