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Thread: 2 HK raiders looking for a guild

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    Default 2 HK raiders looking for a guild

    We are MMO vets that like to play competitively on a casual schedual (3 or 4x a week with 100% attendance).

    Mage - Chloro primary soul - can switch to dps if needed
    Rogue - Bard primary soul - can switch to dps if needed - can also OT

    6/11 HK experienced with 3 piece set gear + resistance sigils.

    We are looking for a guild that raids between 4:30 - 8:30 server (7:30-11:30 east)

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    Hey what's up,

    We're working on Phase 3 Akylios, we're 10/11 HK, and we raid Wed/Thurs/Sun from 7-11pm EST.

    We raid with a competitive roster, and we have a few open slots.

    We clear 10/11 HK in 1 night, and have 2 full nights to work on Akylios.

    Our website: http://Virus-RIFT.enjin.com

    Our application: http://Virus-RIFT.enjin.com/recruitment


    - Ogdroo
    RIP <VIRUS> - May 2011 to April 2013 - Original Founder and Guild Leader. You're welcome for being carried for so long lol ;)

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    We are seeking raiders to hit all instances. We usually run them after 5pm (pacific). Good luck and hope to talk with you soon.

    Server: Deepstrike Faction: Guardian
    Raid hours and Days: Pacific Time

    DH &GP: Wed (Grp #1 5pm / Grp #2 7pm)
    GSB/ROS: Sat/Sun 7pm
    Hk: Thur/Mon 7pm
    RoTP: Sun 7pm
    T2 RR: Sun 7pm

    Send me a tell in-game or pm me here. Saturnx - Frontliners (US) Deepstrike (G)

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    Check out <Elite> in the Threesprings shard. We raid Thursday, Sunday, Thursday from 5-9 server (8pm-12 EST). We are 8/11 HK. Check us out at www.elite.mmochief.com

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