We're a new Defiant guild on Greybriar, comprised of a little bit of everything. Some enjoy a lot of PvP while others are happy with PvE/questing, etc. There are no level restrictions and we are ALWAYS happy to have more join our forces! We're extremely laid back, due to the fact that both GMs (BF/GF duo) work full time and like to enjoy Rift for the -game- (not work) that it is. We understand that people have RL to attend to (sucks, but it's true) - so there's no mandatory attendance or anything of the sort. If you're only able to play once a week, once a month, whatever - no biggie! We're all just here to have a good time and help each other. Feel free to contact any of the following toons in game for more information: Arsinyst/Cupcayk/Derpcayk/Kittycatastrophyk OR Kyndred/Stinkpickle/Vykadin/Scioned. (Did I mention we're also altaholics?)