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Thread: 10/11 hk Cleric looking for new home.

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    Default 10/11 hk Cleric looking for new home.

    I have water resist core, 340 focus (still gearing for dps) 5/7 HK with 1 relic armor piece,I'am a very raid aware player aka I don't stand in fire :P 21 years of age,so Iam not a kid :P mature minded, punctual and strives to be the best at what I do. looking for a friendly guild that likes to have fun yet down endgame content.

    Time zone pref GMT +11 5pm-3am AUEST,Vic time or 4 10pm-6am ST
    Currently at Dayblind

    Some stats: Unbuffed
    2011 SP
    754 CRIT
    6942 MANA
    4508 HP
    844 WIS
    460 INT

    Individual progression:
    5/5 GSB
    4/4 ROS
    4/4 GP
    4/4 DH
    2/4 ROTP
    10/11 HK

    Other cheives
    GP conq
    ROS conq
    GSB conq
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    Default Still looking

    Still looking for a guild 5/10+ would be nice getting kinda lonely over here on dayblind

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    Default Thantos Gallone Xentos

    sent you a pm
    Rompalstomp - Raid Lead / Warrior Lead "Nefarious"

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    Hey Cwack,
    were on the dayblind server and are 9/11 in HK. Sent you a PM as well.


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