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Thread: Dragon Horde Now Recruiting

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    Default Dragon Horde Now Recruiting

    Dragon Horde is a casual, no stress, no pressure guild on the Gnarlwood server. We aim to provide a fun, friendly, helpful & relaxing guild for all to enjoy.

    We are always looking for new members of any level or class. New players to the game are more than welcome to join us and we aim to help newbies in any way we can.

    If you would like an in-game invite please contact myself, an officer or any other guild member can invite regardless of their rank:

    Astridd - Guild Leader
    Naami - Leaders Alt
    Mistory - Leaders Alt
    Dawnn - Leaders Alt

    Gaarenius - Officer
    Syther - Officer

    So getting an invite shouldn't be to hard. Just do a guild search in the social panel and that will bring up all our online members.
    Or type /who dragon horde

    A second option is you are able to apply to join our guild website, just tick the not a member button on the application, and i will hunt you down in-game next i am online.


    We also have freshly started our own facebook page:


    Thank you all and hope to see you in-game for some fun times

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    Default New Promo Video

    Just to let you all know we now have a promotional video for the guild. Big thanks to Wardie for creating it for the guild

    Please feel free to have a look and leave us some comments.


    Check out our guild website it has been recently updated. Hope to hear from you in game

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