Eternity is on the Keenblade server and is currently recruiting for HK progression.

Current progression is 2/11 HK and 2/4 RotP.

Raid Times are Wed, Fri, and Mon 7-10pm PST (Monday is RotP night)

Current Recruitment needs are:
1 DPS Warrior
2 Healing Clerics
3-4 Rogues (DPS/Bard)

Also accepting casuals that wish to run daily T2s and/or T1 raids that we have on farm. Looking to flesh out the guild members online at any given time to make sure T2s can be run as well as Master DD. You would be welcome to come along on the T1 farm content that we run on Thursday nights.

Applications can be found at

Any questions can be mailed to me here on the forums, on the guild website, or in game under Kazenokami. Thanks for your time!