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Thread: <Prophecy> recruiting for HK progression

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    Default <Prophecy> recruiting for HK progression

    Prophecy of Belmont is recruiting like-minded raiders to fill its core raid slots after having lost a few to Star Wars.

    We are a fairly laid back guild, full of working people, with families and real-life obligations. As such we don't have attendance requirements, though many of our core members make 90% or more of our raids. Our current progression is 4/11 HK.

    We currently have spots open for players that are t2 gear ready from the following classes:

    1 cleric heals
    1 bard
    2 rogue dps (we will consider a rogue OT provided you can also DPS)
    1 mage dps/archon

    We are Raiding Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8-10:30 CST(6-8:30 server) all HK. We run RoTP on off nights, Usually Friday. We also run though DH and GP on our alts on Friday.

    Please visit www.prophecy-rift.com or send me a PM if you are interested.

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    <Prophecy> is still recruiting new members. Opening's available for all classes/specs.

    Come join our fun group!!!


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