<Malus Imperium> Gnarlwood - Progression Raiding Guild - Recruiting

[GSB 5/5 RoS 5/5 DH 4/4 GP 4/4 HK 1/11 RoTP 1/4]

Updated recruiting needs 01/05/2012
  • 2 Mages DPS and Support
  • 2 Warrior DPS
  • 1 Warriors Tank/OT
  • 2 Rogue DPS/Bard
Must be Raid Ready or close for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Raods.

We're seeking experienced raiders or players who are raid ready and raid aware to fill these spots.

We raid 6 PM Server time (9 Eastern) to 9 PM Server Time (12 AM Eastern) occasionally 30 mins over. Sunday/Monday/Wednesday with 10 Mans ran on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Due to rebuilding we will be doing GSB/RoS so players interested in entry level raiding are welcome.

Will consider apps of Raid Minded/Experienced Classes not listed.

For more information visit our site at http://www.malusimperium.info or contact Heartfelt/Scaly/Hizi/Vage or ask to speak with an officer on Gnarlwood

Note: We are looking for players who are serious about raiding in Rift not players who plan to switch to the Next Big thing when it releases. If thats your intentions do not waste our time or yours.