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Thread: Level 18 3/4 - Legends Reborn - Looking for new members

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    Default Level 18 3/4 - Legends Reborn - Looking for new members

    Legends Reborn is a well established level 18 3/4th guild on Byriel. We're looking for some smaller guilds or individuals that want to take advantage of level 18 perks (including PVP) to merge into ours. We are casual raiders, do crafting rifts twice a week, daily RRs, weekly raids on various nights, and PVP weekends.

    We are adult oriented and casual people that are drama free. As the servers shrink in population we would love to continue growing the guild and providing a solid community for anyone interested. Another perk of joining our guild is that we cover quite a few games so as things change you can continue to be a part of our great gaming community.

    If you're interested, and you know you are ;) send me a note or Pst/Mail Xynix on Byriel.

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    What are your raid times?

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