We are currently looking to recruit:

1-2 Clerics for heals preferably (1) Main Tank and (1) AoE raid Heals bonus if you have dps specs as well. We would like someone that has already seen some of the fights in HK. Our clerics are pretty geared so gearing someone up fast will be easy.

1 Warrior Tank: Looking for an outstanding tank that has it all going on. Dps is a bonus on some fights but looking for someone that is going be tank first and dps second.

Exceptional players are always free to inquire about spots at any time.

We are 10/11 in HK and currently are on Phase 2 of the Aki fight.

We raid:

Wed 6pm server to 9:30 pm server
Thurs 6pm server to 9:30 pm server
Sun 6pm server to 9:30 pm server
Mon 6pm server to 9:30 pm server

You can log on and talk with Cherridrop, Lutharion, or Kalgareth. Or you can drop a note in our recruitment section at http://www.kinetic-rift.com/.