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Thread: Lfg rogue dps hk 2/11 rotp 2/4

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    Default Lfg rogue dps hk 2/11 rotp 2/4

    Rogue: Zahar
    Mark/51 Rang/15
    dex 675
    Att 739
    PC 883
    Hit 359
    4-piece mark set head/hand/legs/feet with the ranger crystal
    3-deathbringer shoulders/chest ring i also have the dagger but dont use it
    Cinderhide belt
    Foul stinger/black ice/shell encrusted bow
    bones of the primal serpent/skull of damnation/predator's band
    current source machine
    str 94
    dex 109
    att 64
    death 38
    water 54
    shadow fire att + 100

    Available raiding times: mon-friday 1930-2400 server time
    I try not to raid on the weekends

    Please email me at kuraisparks@live.com
    Thank you
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