Hello, as you may already know my current main is a cleric in Maximation. I do have an alt warrior. He is currently geared with full T1 raid quality DPS items, and a mixture of T1/T2 quality tanking items. Hit/toughness are all capped for Akylios.

I am looking for a guild for this toon. I cannot fully commit to your guild, for obvious reasons. However, here is what I offer at a glance:

*Extensive knowledge of all Hammerknell mechanics
*Excellent raid awareness
*Perfect playing of my class while tanking or DPSing

My availability will vary, but is generally stable. We recently acquired HK conqueror as a guild, so I'm looking forward to some (hopeful) full-clears on Wednesday. Until every individual has their rings from RotP, we will be running that on Sundays.

This will usually leave Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday open for your guild. Again, Maximation will always be my #1 priority, so my availability is not guaranteed. I am looking for a raid time of anywhere from 3 server to 12 server.

If this interests you at all, be it because guild members have left for ToR and you need some fillers, or you would appreciate some insight on encounters, feel free to leave a message here, in my inbox, or in-game on the Seastone shard.