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Thread: <Vindicated> 10/11 HK - Looking for Healing Cleric + Mage...

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    Default <Vindicated> 10/11 HK - Looking for Healing Cleric + Mage...

    <Vindicated> is a 10/11 HK guardian guild on the PVP server Deepstrike. Everything else is on farm. Deepstrike is very active and a great server to be on, especially if you love PVP.

    We’re looking for a healing cleric and possible mage.

    We’re an easy going guild, but please have appropriate focus gear and understand the majority of the first floor fights.

    Loot is assigned through DKP.

    Raid times/days are:

    Monday: 7-10pm pacific
    Wed: 7-10pm pacific
    Thurs: 7-10 pm pacific
    Sunday: 6-10pm pacific

    PM me here or contact Vindicated at our website:
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    My name is Gunzip, and I approve of this message.
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    I believe Assassin DoTs are uncleansable.

    It's still a terrible PvP spec compared to Marksman, though.

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    Vindicated 10/11 currently recruiting Warrior, Mage, Cleric (healing main raid spot). Must have previous experience in HK. Raids are Sun, Wed, Thur. riftvindicated.guildlaunch.com

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