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Thread: Cleric heals/dps/tank 4/11 HK. LF HK ready raid

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    Default Cleric heals/dps/tank 4/11 HK. LF HK ready raid

    tank heals and raid heals specialist
    high dps for AoE and single targets
    Full tank gear for off tanking
    Available evenings 6:00pm pacific some weekends.

    Looking for a HK ready raid preferably just a starting or on bottom level. Willing to visit for a week on your server. Please pst for more info thanks

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    PM sent to you, please read it.

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    <Virus> is a Serious Casual raiding guild. Casual schedule, Serious Raids.

    We are 10/11, Level 15, and raid 3 nights a week, Wed/Thurs/Sun from 7-11pm EST.

    We are looking for HK Ready and Experienced Raiders.

    This is our guild posting: http://forums.riftgame.com/shard-for...-high-pop.html

    This is our website: http://Virus-RIFT.enjin.com

    This is our application: http://Virus-RIFT.enjin.com/recruitment

    RIP <VIRUS> - May 2011 to April 2013 - Original Founder and Guild Leader. You're welcome for being carried for so long lol ;)

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    Server: Deepstrike
    Faction: Guardian

    We are a mature guild seeking a few more raiders and pvp's to take on endgame task. We run multiple Raid/Crafting Rifts, farm T2's, form premade WFs and participate in world PvP/Invasions. We are seeking all class/spec and if you are geared or experienced, that is a plus. We help out all of our members and teach them the fights and geared quickly. We are more than willing to help anyone out to progress into a top DPS or how to manage a utility support role.

    Raid hours and Days: Pacific Zone

    DH: Wed (Grp #1 5pm / Grp #2 7pm) server
    GP: Fri (Grp #1 5pm / Grp #2 7pm) server
    Gsb/RoS: Sat/Sun 4pm server
    Hk: Thur/Mon 6pm server
    RoTP: Tues 6pm server

    4/4 DH 5/5 GSB
    4/4 GP 5/5 RoS
    3/11 HK 1/4 RotP

    Send me a tell in-game or pm me here. Saturnx - Frontliners (US) Deepstrike (G)

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    <Outcasts> is on the Seastone shard and is currently 3/11 in HK. We have been a guild since the start of the game and were on Freeholme up until a few months ago when we transferred to Seastone. We would have been farther in HK but we have lost a few members and are looking for active raiders to fill spots! We also didn't get together as a guild and start raiding until a few months into the game.

    If you can raid Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm server time and you're looking for a nice guild that you can have fun in even when not raiding give us a shout!

    Our website is: OutcastsGuild.GuildPortal.com

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

    Good luck searching!

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    PM Sent for <Vindicated> please read!

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