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Thread: <Illuminati Sancti> 7/11 HK is recruiting

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    Default <Illuminati Sancti> 10/11 HK is recruiting

    <illuminati Sancti> a Seastone guild is recruiting quality players to fill our roster for HK. We are currently 10/11 HK and look to be 11/11 soon. IS has a long history in the mmo community going back to 1999 and we are two months old in the World or Rift Raiding. We expect team players, and self motivators willing to read, and watch information about boss fights prior to coming to a raid. We currently raid everyday of the week except holidays. We expect our applicants to be raid ready and prepared to start at raid time.

    We operate in HK on a dkp system that has methods in place for new members to be able to bid on loot immediately once their membership is accepted.

    We went from 1/11 to 10/11 in 31 days!

    Current Raid Schedule

    Wednesday 5:30pm Server -- HK
    Thursday 5:30pm Server -- GSB main and Alt Runs
    Friday 5:30pm Server -- HK
    Saturday 5:30pm Server -- HK
    Sunday 5:30pm Server -- HK
    Monday 5:30pm Server -- HK
    Tuesday 5:30pm Server -- HK

    RoS 4/4
    GSB 5/5
    RotP 2/4
    HK 9/11

    By the way, we have females in the guild and we expect all our players to cross dress irl during raids (please talk to our head Mangina Gothgirl for details on what to wear, we don't want any cat fights due to peeps wearing the same outfit). Raid times are subject to change, however the guild is kept well informed about any upcoming changes. We're all about progression.

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    Default 10/11

    We are now 10/11

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