I have 2 characters, Lucidous who is a DPS Warrior, and Srie who is a healing cleric. When I played rift when it came out I raided with both of these characters in these roles to fill whatever needs my guild had. Before I had to leave Rift for real life issues, I was the GM of Shard First on Harrow. We completed Shard First achievements of all T1 and T2 dungeons, all of GSB, and up to Plutonis in RoS before I had to leave. We also had the US 9th and World 25th kill of Warmaster in RoS.

I am looking to come back to Rift to raid again and I need a good progression guild. I understand the difficulties of coming back to raiding after missing almost an entire tier. However, I am willing to put the work in to farm gear and get HK ready as soon as possible. I research my classes, specs, macros, boss fights, and what gear is BiS, as well as do my own theory crafting when I have time.

While it is true you may have to spend some time gearing me up for me to be able to help you in HK, I can assure you that once I reach a minimum gear lvl for HK I will be a significant help to your raid team. I have a vast amount of raiding experience between WoW and Rift, I have stellar raid awareness, I am proficient in both DPS Warrior and Healing Cleric which means I can swap based on what classes we need most for a fight.

Right now my characters are both in mostly T1 GSB gear, while my Warrior does have some T2 RoS gear. My raid times are pretty weird because of the hours I work. I can raid Sunday through Wednesday into Thursday morning after 1030 or 11 PST. I am looking for an oceanic guild because your raid times fit my schedule very well.

Thank you for reviewing my post and if you have any further questions for me please feel free to PM me on the forums or whisper me in game. My characters Lucidous and Srie are currently on Millrush. I am obviously willing to server xfer.