Mature Family-Friendly Progession Guild
Gnarlwood Server-Guardian

Note: It is not a requirement to be progression focused. Some of our members are not interested in future raids.

Concordia Veritas is the perfect guild for you if you have exhausted yourself searching for a genuine friendly and social guild that is both active and:

• Organized
• Drama-Free
• Highly Mature
• Helpful

Our guild lives up to this standard in every way.

All of our current members are over age 21 and members under age 18 require a guild sponsor. You may contact Dryst, Sevriena, Woodsage, Bick, Biblica, for a guild invite. (These are all Separate Main Characters.)

The application is simple and short.

(For those under 18 : If you are not acquainted with any guild member but would still like to join, Woodsage is the current guild sponsor for young members. (contact Woodsage, Cosette or Moonflower in game to discuss being a member.)

Concordia Veritas is a unique guild that offers a unique ranking system that rewards every single member for their efforts while never punishing any member for having real-life obligations. (In example, you can still move up in rank in our guild if you are a long-term member but can achieve a higher rank faster by being an active player.)

Our officer’s are not simply chosen by favoritism nor will they always keep that title. Guild Leaders and officers are there because of the real-life hours on top of their game hours that they dedicate to strengthen the guild with specific/sometimes multiple responsibilities. Becoming an officer is as easy as achieving the highest level member rank and stating your desire to become more involved in the progression and direction of the guild. However, some members may not have hours to dedicate to guild but would like to have a say in the guild direction. By achieving Elder rank (our 6th rank), among different benefits granted for Elder rank, you also are able to view and speak in the officer chat channel and vote in all guild decisions. Every rank is detailed and gives members the exact steps to achieving each rank in guild.

We are interested in quality long-term members only. -Best for members that are not geared for raids unless you are someone that is looking for a future of more casual raiding.. We are in the process for gearing up through T2 dungeons and gaining experience in Drowned Halls...(We will still run T1's for new members to gain experience and gear.)