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Thread: HK Cleric Tank/-Icar

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    Default HK Cleric Tank/-Icar

    I'm currently on Seastone, I will shard transfer for the right guild.

    What I'm looking for: A guild that is at least 3/11 HK, does RoS/GSB clears weekly, and can do things outside of raid time.

    I have 346 Focus in my dps set, and have been known to use my Inquisicar spec quite a bit. I'm Hoping for a guild that isn't to serious, uses a fair loot council, needs a young, fun cleric, and can just enjoy raiding.

    I can raid up to 11:30 PM Eastern most nights. It varies though because of my schedule.

    I consequently need a few pieces in HK for tanking, (Mace from Murdantix, helm from Murdantix, shoulders from Zilas) Just a small wishlist, something to keep me going ;)

    I also want the guild to be able to fill HK roster every night they raid, and have everyone bring their "A" game. I'm tired of guilds that have to call things off because they are missing a few people each week etc.

    Thanks guys
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    We are a drama free guild and have a fair, friendly & enjoyable environment. Our focus is to enjoy the game and each other while progressing through content. Our raid atmosphere focuses on a balance of fun & serious...we're here for enjoyment & content/progression.

    We are currently 5/5 GSB, 4/4 GP, 5/5 ROS, 4/4 DH, 4/4 ROTP, 10/11 HK

    Recruitment is currently open to exceptional players; HK geared & experienced preferably, mechanically sound a must

    Still looking for...

    1 cleric tank (with heal/dps/hybrid specs also)

    Our raid times are:
    Hammerknell: Sun, Tues-Thurs 5:30-9+ server
    Rise of the Phoenix: Fri &/or Sat 6-9 server

    Check us out @ http://eternalgalena.enjin.com/
    Feel free to contact Emaleth, Mystifus, Ninefingerz, Effei, Bronwynne, or Callingsky at our guildsite or in game with any questions.

    Still looking for...

    1 cleric tank (with heal/dps/hybrid specs also)
    4/4 ROTP, 11/11 HK, 2/8 ID
    Level 50 Cleric- Guardian, Greybriar Shard

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