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Thread: Old Player coming back looking for a home.

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    Default Old Player coming back looking for a home.

    Hello people, i have been gone for 4 months and i recently pay for a month to see whats new and to see if i come back. im a wow raider and with lfr i already experience the end game yeah i know lfr is easy mode , but i wanna find a new home for myself where i can grow and learn evrything i miss and to grow and eventually raid in rift. im a 50 warrior Tank (in the works) since i have been gone so long i need practice. raid exp up to the elf dude in GSB before greenscale , sorry forgot the name, after that WoW called and whent back but honestly i think im done with the game .
    so with this say im looking for a home for my warrior and rogue .
    Tank warrior and dps rogue alt, so if u could use a exp player and a nice guy , im the guy for u , will love to raid when im rdy gear wise and all the good stuff so raiding is a plus.
    thanks to server change i can do that so feel free to send me a message here and ill be back to u if u think im a match for u .


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    no guilds interested

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    Default Eternal Eclipse

    Eternal Eclipse is recruiting raiders on the Gnarlwood shard

    We require members to be age 18+. We are a casual raiding guild meaning we do not require raid attendance and believe real life comes first. We want members who know when to have fun and when to be serious. We are looking for members who do not want drama and would like to raid without the pressures of a hardcore raiding guild. We still expect our raiders to follow directions and take criticism in order to improve their raiding performance.

    Class needs:
    Warrior: High
    Cleric: Medium
    Mage: Medium
    Rogue: Low
    *We are looking for players who are willing to play multiple roles as needed

    Raid Times:
    Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday : 6-9pm (pst)
    *9pm is an estimated end time. We also do some off night raiding on occasion.

    Raid Progression:
    GP: 4/4 , DH: 4/4 , GSB: 5/5 , RoS: 4/4, RotP 2/4
    We are currently trying to build back up to continue 20 man raids

    Loot Rules:
    We have our own customized point based loot system that is fair for those with low raid attendance and rewarding to those with high raid attendance

    Contact Information:

    or contact one of our leaders/officers in game
    Leaders: Evobe , Ferdinandx
    Raid Officer: Slashya
    Recruitment Officers: Zehira, Mavyn

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    We're mostly looking for DPS so we'd be interested in your rogue. Honestly we're fat on tanks.

    Server: Galena
    Guild Name: Veil of Darkness
    Website: http://vodarkness.guildlaunch.com/
    Raiding Schedule: Monday, Wed, Friday 6 to 9 Pacific [Note that times are subject to change]
    Faction: Defiant
    Progress: GSB 1 of 5, DH 4 of 4, GP 4 of 4.
    What our Guild can offer:
    A relaxed and fun raiding environment
    A diverse group of players to engage in activities with
    Ideal Candidates:
    Are mature, over 18 years
    Possess a working headset and are not afraid to use it
    Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that will not explode
    Skilled Player: Skilled in the class that you play
    Excellent Attitude: No negativity. A positive personality that synchronizes with the rest of the guild is an asset
    Contacts: Send in game messages to Samarra or Loksyl. Alternatively, you can create an account on the website, and use our recruiting form.

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