The Savage Nation - A "No Pressure" Guardian Guild is looking to expand after our recent switch to Wolfsbane.

Hey Hey!

The Savage Nation is a helpful, friendly, fun guild that focuses on keeping the pressure out of being in a guild while still having the benefits of that aspect of the game (Perks, Guild Vault access, high level crafting, raids, master mode, T2s, T1s, etc). We have just expanded our guild operation :P with a 25-man Ventrilo server for dungeons/raids, etc. We have all levels playing currently. All levels welcome! A number of us have alts and we are always willing to jump into dungeons whether high or low level, etc.

Play time: Generaly 6PM-1AM EST (M-F); Mostly all day Saturday and Sunday, etc.

Check out our guild website and send an application over if interested:

About our guild and to further emphasize the "no pressure" nature of our guild:

We will never:

1) We will never shake guild members down for donations. The "donate here to our guild cause running web sites cost money" will never be used. I don't need your money to run a free web site or a paid one for that matter.

2) We will never post in the guild channel that not enough people are funding the guild bank vault purchases in a passive aggressive manner...and cry about it to other guild members.

3) We will never cry about people not attending rifts/raids/dungeons, etc.

4) We will never not help a guild member if they are having trouble with quests, game mechanics, etc, if at all possible.

5) Your Plat should be used for you, your mounts, the AH, or whatever you need. Again there is no requirements for donations of any kind. Donations to AH in the form of plat or more importantly items will allow for expanded vault access. If you add to the guild vault, having no access just seems wrong.

Thank you for reading! Visit our site! and join!!!


Contact Onshade or any of The Savage Nation you see online to ask questions or to join.

Thank you