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Thread: Healer transfer

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    Default Healer transfer

    I'm a cleric that really just wants to heal pvp or instances. I'm only lvl 17 at the moment so i'm looking for a server that has a good pop on it mainly late at night but at least during the day for the rare times i play when the sun is up.


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    Default The "Guardians of Telara", Level 12 Guardian Guild on the Wolfsbane server,

    The "Guardians of Telara", Level 12 Guardian Guild on the Wolfsbane server,
    Are seeking active players with a strong sense of accomplishment and desire to build friendships within our guild that is more of a community in which to have fun together with.

    At present, we are ideally looking for the active members whom are ready to raid T1, or let us help them get geared for T1's so that we can progress into raiding aspect of Rift. All levels and classes are welcome and encouraged to join as you will not be a lower level for long once you join us as there is always someone on to help level with and do things together with. We accept and have quite a few members whom are just casual members that like us, as well.

    We hope to hear from you soon if you are interested in joining a great guild on our server, then send a tell or in game email to one of our leads, those leads are ; Sinsiter, Athara, Gizuth and myself - Jaykub


    Jaykub - Leader of the Guardians of Telara

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