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Thread: New player looking for a home

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    Default New player looking for a home

    Hi all!

    I'm looking for a good home on the server. Only guild I was in, nobody ever talked in. There was hardly anyone online, and it was kind of a bore.

    I'm a level 50 Mage, just hit 50 2 days ago. Yes, I'll admit, I'm in no shape to raid. I'd like to raid, but I'm just a hindrance to any raid right now. I'm new to Rift, but not new to MMO's. Played FFXI and WoW primarily, and did the raiding scene in both. Just got into the Warfront scene right now, as it's quite fun to pop in and do some killing.

    Anyway, feel free to ask me any questions, and hopefully I'll find a guild willing to let me into their ranks!

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    Please check your PM.

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    <tGx> Defiant guild on Byriel is recruiting for HAMMERKNELL

    <Thantos Gallone Xentos> is a Defiant guild on Byriel, currently progressing through Hammerknell and looking for quality members to join us and fill our roster. We're well know for rapidly progressing through various content and tend to do the same in HK. We raid Hammerknell on the weekend and t1 raids over the week, we will have you geared up in no time.

    Raid Progress:
    Drowned Halls: 4/4
    Gilded Prophecy: 4/4
    Greenscales Blight: 5/5
    River of Souls: 5/5
    Hammerknell: 2/11
    Rise of the Phoenix: 2/4

    We're currently have open spots for all roles.
    We need members that enjoy raiding and will be consistent.

    Our raids times are Friday - Sunday at 5:30pm (8:30pm est) to 9:30pm server time.

    If you're interested, visit tgx.guildlaunch.com or send an in-game tell to either: Blaq, Wuzzy, or Farhan.

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