We are looking for a few more to get a solid 20 GSB and RoS. Would love some ROGUES. All 18+ player's welcome as we are older players no drama. Raid times are somewhat on the fly right now. During the week around 7 server and weekend around 3 server, more or less when we get 10 + in the game we beat on something. (Try and be T2 dungeon-ish gear. (not REQ. would be nice!))
4/4 DH
4/4 GP
1/5 GSB kind of hard to 15man

Apply here. http://www.dawn-guild.com/riftnaapp
Website. http://www.dawn-guild.com/

We look forward to you joining us. If you have questions, send a tell to menciuss, darthlea, hibiscus, or madminny in game.

Rogue Loot = shimmering crystals for the win unless our one rogue is on!