Hi there!

I am a rogue with 10/11 HK experience (through p3 Akylios) looking for a late night raiding guild with a start time of 9 pm PST or later. I am a former officer of a 10/11 guild. I am also willing to bard if the need ever arises, but I am looking to join a guild as a main dps, and a permanent bard spot is out of the question.

Current Gear

Helm: Zardonis' Ebon Hood
Shoulders: Zardonis' Blackened Shoulderpads
Chest: Zardonis' Blackened Ribs
Gloves: Zardonis' Ebon Gloves
Belt: Zardonis' Ebon Cord
Legs: Nihilist's Leggings
Boots: Zardonis' Blackened Boots

MH: Savage Beastcarver
OH: Conqueror's Longsword
Ranged: Nihilist's Rifle
Neck: Nihilist's Medallion
Trinket: Aelfwar Conspirator's Signet
Ring 1: Jagged Loop of Coercion
Ring 2: Unstable Core Spring

Synergy Crystals owned: Assassin, Bladedancer, Nightblade, Marksman, R8

From a dps standpoint, I am confident with my ability to compete with other rogues in multiple specs. On a typical Murdantix parse I consistently reach around 2700-2800 dps. That number will only go up if your support are strong and your raid has higher overall dps than my previous guild.

Current specs available

32 Assassin / 20 Riftstalker / 14 Marksman (Bloodstalker)
49 Nightblade / 17 Assassin / 0
51 Bladedancer / 10 Assassin / 5 Riftstalker
51 Marksman / 14 Ranger / 1 Riftstalker
46 Saboteur / 20 Assassin / 0 Bladedancer (Estrode)

Again, I'm looking for a guild that starts at 9 pm or later, as I cannot make earlier times due to my work schedule. Please send me a PM on the forums if you feel your guild is the right fit for me.