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Thread: <Exultant / Forged Saviours> Starting HK and LFM!

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    Default <Exultant / Forged Saviours> Starting HK and LFM!

    (UPDATED 12/14)
    Hai! I'm Entroph and I'm the raid jerk for Exultant. Currently, we're running an alliance raid with Forged Saviours.

    We're beginning our decent into Hammerknell and we're LFM.

    Our raid times are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM server.

    We are recruiting the following full-time, main status slots:
    Mage - 1
    We're looking for a pyro/lock or an elementalist with decent DPS.
    You do, of course, need 320 focus.

    Cleric - 1
    We're looking for a cleric that's comfortable with single-target healing and AoE healing both.

    As a raid, we're pretty laid back, we enjoy some (richard) jokes and go into lengthy discussions as to why gingers have no souls - but we do like progression and we do like shiny, shiny loots.

    We're always willing to work with people, be it with schedules or in-game mechanics and we understand that people aren't perfect.

    As a shard, Byriel is fairly active for both PvE and PvP. We've got our share of ..."characters" (pun intended), and a great community overall. You won't be sorry if you decide to hop on over!

    You can chat it up with Entroph, Hypnaughtic, Faithcharmer, or Phillthy in-game and we'll get the ball rollin'.

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    omgomg I don't have anything relevant to add, but a plain old bump post isn't allowed.

    What can I say other than we talk about ****s and boobs a lot?


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