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Thread: <Ministry of Chaos> HK Raid Spot for YOU! Real-Life Friendly Raid Schedule!

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    Default <Ministry of Chaos> HK Raid Spot for YOU! Real-Life Friendly Raid Schedule!

    Don't let the Chaos in our name fool you. We are an organized, fun yet mature-minded bunch of people with a penchant for conquering all things Rift!

    Our current progression: HK (9/11 - Murd/Zilas/Matron/Prime/Grug/Sic/King/Estrode/Inquisitor), RoTP 2/4, RoS (Farm), GSB (Farm), DH (Farm), and GP (Farm). We raid M, W, TH from 6:00pm-9:00pm PST.

    At the moment, we have a raid spot available for some of the following:

    1 HK-Ready Cleric (healer)
    2 HK ready DPS - any class

    We're looking for elitist-free, ready-raiders. That means you need to check your jerk at the door and bring the appropriate level of hit/focus and experience to the corresponding raid.

    To learn more or to apply, check us out at: http://moc.enjin.com and click the RECRUITMENT button... or stop by Millrush - Defiant and talk to one of our Officers or Advisors.

    On behalf of MoC leadership and all our members, thanks for considering our guild and best of luck in your Rift adventures!

    Thakorr, Jaselle, Sanosuke, Crytosia, Lonekiller
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