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Thread: <Conviction> of Shatterbone 5/11 HK seeking Raiders

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    Default <Conviction> of Shatterbone 5/11 HK seeking Raiders

    <Conviction> (Shatterbone) is looking for raiders!


    Scheduled Raid nights:
    Monday 9 PM - 12 PM EST
    Tuesday 9 PM - 12 PM EST *Emergency off night
    Wednesday 9 PM EST - 12 PM EST
    Thursday 9 PM EST - 12 PM EST

    Scheduled off raid nights
    Friday 9 PM - 10 mans
    Sunday 9 PM - T2 raid rifts and GSB/ROS

    We are a level 17 guild recruiting exceptional players for our raid team. Our current high priority recruiting requirements are posted below..

    High Priority:
    2 Clerics (1 Heal/DPS and 1 pure heal focus)
    1 Warrior (Tank/DPS)
    2 Mages (1 chloro, 1 dps)

    Minimum requirements for new recruits.
    320 hit/focus
    Ability to DPS (if viaing for a dps spot)
    Ability to listen to instructions and connect to ventrillo
    200 toughness for tank specs
    4 piece Mark set

    Full HK gear set
    380 hit/focus
    Water sigil and self buffed @140 water resist
    Relic or better weapons

    GSB - Farm
    RoS - Farm and Conqueror
    RotP - 3/4
    5/11 in HK

    Guild Officer Contacts:
    Nadili (Rogue), Partisan (Mage), Jimbolya (Cleric), Blumpkinz (Warrior)

    Guild Recruiter:

    If you have any questions about conviction and our class requirements contact these officers or myself (Crumdum) anytime on shatterbone. Exceptional players are always encouraged to apply regardless of current class needs.

    Conviction - History

    Conviction has been together over 4 years now. It was created to be an everlasting multi game community. We pride ourselves on having fun while being highly successful in every game we take on.

    We have had great success in games such as LoTRO, EQ2, Warhammer, WoW, and League of Legends. In LoTRO we dominated Shadows of Angmar with all Raid World Firsts and many instance World Firsts. In EQ2 we put together a small group that leveled up and built an end game raid guild within a month of starting. In Warhammer we were the top guild on our server and recognized by Warcry for our efforts. WoW was kind of a side thing that no one really wanted to do but was the only option to keep us playing together but we managed a lot of success raiding together for the short time we played.

    Conviction focuses on community first and the people that help maintain what the guild is. Members and even recruits alike can enjoy all benefits the guild has to offer. You will find that the people in the guild are the most helpful you will ever meet in any game and the atmosphere is second to none.

    Conviction is an adult guild, we look for mature players with a sense of humor. If you are offended easily this will not be the place for you as we take trolling one another as a way to release the stresses of the MMO lifestyle. We are all avid gamers with great skill and look for the same in any new player we bring in. We expect everyone to have positive attitudes no matter the circumstance. We take losing as a learning experience, not a defeat.

    If you are looking for a solid community that has been together through it all, Conviction is the place for you.
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    Got Sicaron to 2% on first night of pulls. Hopefully we'll be 8/11 next week. Also updated recruiting needs.

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    progression updated

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    Updated guild level, hopefully we'll be 6/11 HK tonight.

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