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Thread: Rent an Apocalypse (Late Night Guild)

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    Rent An Apocalypse is a small casual Guild that just transferred from Harrow. With the move to a new Shard we are hoping to expand our ranks with any players that like to have a good time with some good people! Currently we are working on getting enough members to take our shots at the Raiding scene though we would also love to see players of any and all levels. We also have players interested in different aspects of game play, PvP, open world RP, guild RP etc, so if you aren't a "Raider" thats perfectly fine as well. So, if you have strange playing hours, live in a different timezone, and simply enjoy having a good time this is the place for you ;)

    For a bit more info check out our web-page http://rentapoc.guildportal.com, respond to this post, or message Paganlust in game.

    Look forward to with ya,

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