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Thread: Dominance (10/11) is looking for raiders!

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    Default Dominance (10/11) is looking for raiders!

    Dominance has been an established WoW raiding guild for several years, as such, we have brought over core guild mechanics and rule sets that have brought us numerous server firsts while we were an active WoW guild(Vanilla, TBC, WoTLK). This same mentality has been brought to Rift, as we have claimed several shard firsts for dungeons, expert dungeons, and raids.

    Website: http://dominance.enjin.com/

    Raid Times:
    5:30PM-9:30 PM PST. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs

    We are currently recruiting all classes!
    *Current recruitment needs will be added as a reply to this thread as you cannot edit posts after a certain time period.

    *Latest progression kills will be added as a reply to this thread as you cannot edit posts after a certain time period.

    Duke Letarus - 3/14/11
    Infiltrator Johlen - 3/17/11
    Oracle Aleria - 3/21/11
    Prince Hylas - 3/24/11
    Greenscale - 4/14/11

    Warmaster Galenir - 4/18/11
    Plutonus the Immortal - 4/19/11
    Herald of Gaurath - 5/2/11
    Alsbeth the Discordant - 5/3/11

    Murdantix - 7/27/11
    Zilas - 8/10/11
    Matron - 8/15/11
    Vladmal Prime - 8/18/11
    Sicaron - 9/12/11
    Rune King - 9/19/11
    Estrode - 9/19/11
    Grugonim - 10/6/11
    Inquisitor - 10/10/11
    Darktide - 10/11/11

    Expectations For Applicants:
    -High attendance
    -Willingness to maximize your character (consumables, full enchants, maximized PvE talent spec, etc)
    -Being knowledgeable of encounters before you get to them (a desire to progress is a must)
    -Situational awareness and focus

    While we do expect raiders to do their homework, come prepared, and focus for raids, we have a lot of fun. The guild has a long history together, many members are still around from the MC days, and it shows. If you're interested, please visit our website at the top of the post, spend some time reading through our applicant information posts and toss up an app. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Please feel free to contact the following people with questions regarding recruitment:


    If they are not online, send them an in-game mail, or talk to any member of Dominance, as they can put you in touch with another officer.

    Hope to hear from you!!
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