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Thread: <Harmless> 10/11 Akylios 6% wants YOU for the next Akylios kill guild!

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    Default <Harmless> 10/11 Akylios 6% wants YOU for the next Akylios kill guild!

    Are you damned good with multitasking? Do you dodge bullets in real life? Do you have a grizzly bear for a direct relative? I do and so I'm a beast at everything I do! You can be too! If you think you're the Batman and the Robin, tired of blowing your raid nights on a guild that just isn't quite as good as the effort you put in, you're found the place for you. If you come prepared, watch videos, handle mechanics like Snoop Dogg and love progression guilds, please apply.

    Currently we're looking for monster DPSers, primarily warriors seeing as we only run 1-2 a raid, but regardless of class, if you're a direwolf level player, dont' be shy.

    If interested please apply: http://harmless.guildlaunch.com or PM me here, your days of carrying idiots ends now! Look forward to hearing from ya!


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