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Thread: Silkweb <Dilemma>

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    Default Silkweb <Dilemma>

    <Dilemma> decided that it's time to toss the description of "casual" aside. We are not casual raiders. We take the nine hours that we raid very seriously, and now we are looking for a few more people to join us.

    What we provide and want from our members (both current and potential):
    We have strict times and raid teams that are in place days before. These teams are posted on the site.
    We keep our roster small with a varied mix of classes and armor types in each raid to get the most out of the boss drops.

    We are not adverse to teaching people the mechanics of fights or the nuances of their classes. But if we have to teach you about you're class, we should be asking you what rock you've been under.
    We are not bleeding edge progression, but we do take THIS guild's progression as a whole seriously. We want people who want to succeed on their own merits. Not on the merits of others.**

    A guild website. We post important guild news, class mechanics, absences, anything that may impact Dilemma in any way will make it's way onto the site. Rift isn't a job, but it is an investment of time. And in a nine hours raid week we need to milk all the time we can so encounters go off seamlessly.

    **You're Raid Lockouts (for the current tier) are for the guild. Frequent AFK's, absences without notification, using you're progression lockout and screwing other people... these things will land you on the bench or out of Dilemma .

    What we DO NOT want:
    People who can't be bothered to take the concerns of other members seriously.
    People looking for a free ride. You're raid slot isn't a right, and measures can/will be taken to replace you should the need arise.

    TL;DR :
    Nine hours a week (Wed, Fri and Saturday from 6:00-9:00PM Server Time) for Raiding. People who know their stuff (& most likely you're stuff as well). People who want to down the current tier of content.

    Current Progression:
    -Rise of the Phoenix: 2/4
    -Gilded Prophecy: 4/4
    -Drowned Halls: 4/4
    -Greenscale's Blight: 5/5
    -River of Souls: 5/5
    -Hammerknell Fortress: 2/11

    If you are interested in joining Dilemma, go to our homepage and click on one of the Souls icons. Once your done with that we will let you know if you've been accepted or not.

    Good luck!

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    Current needs
    Warrior Tank x 1
    Warrior DPS x 2
    Cleric x 2

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