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Thread: Level 50 looking for a guild

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    Default Level 50 looking for a guild

    I think--think--that I'm ready to be a useful member of a guild at this point. I'm a Stormcaller, level 50 + 2 attunement levels and I've taken my time getting here so I pretty much have a good understanding of the Rift world. Since I've had to solo a lot of things, I haven't become that great with my Chloromancer, but I want to learn. Still a bit of a noob at things, but I figure it out fast. I'm still in the process of gearing up. I come from 5 years in Guild Wars where I did a lot of elite dungeons, areas and soloed quite a few of the elite areas with a ritualiist (Underworld, Fissure of Woe).

    What do I bring to a guild? Wish I could bring more epic things, but realiistically, I'm a good team player, a non-*****er or rage-quitter, with a good sense of humor about it all. I'm here to have fun, so nothing really rattles me. I'm happy to learn and take criticism.

    If I could find a home, I'd be more than happy to roll a healing cleric.

    I have vent and teamspeak, but would be happy to load whatever is necessary.

    Oh, since I'm female, over 18 (lol, WELL over 18), and it'd be nice to be in a mature guild that counts other females among its ranks.
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    Any raid experience? Ie: GSB, RoS, GP, DH, etc. And you say you are still gearing up, but what gear level are currently at? Mostly T2 dungeon gear, or mostly crafted gear, or a mix of both with a couple raid level pieces?
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