<Fate Of The Exiled> Is Recruiting For 20man Core Raiding Content.

<Fate Of The Exiled> Moved To ThreeSprings (12/13/11) and opening up recruitment for ALL classes and specs. We will maintain a competitive raid roster. If You Can Comprehend Mechanics And Learn From Your Mistakes There Will Always Be A Spot Open For You.


<Fate Of The Exiled> Was Created On Greenscale by 3 Experienced Hk Raiders - 12-6-11. Our leaders have vast experience in leading a hardcore raiding guild in and out of Rift. We finally decided, after many failed attempts to find a guild that can accommodate our real life schedule and desire to progress, to create our own.


-Our Goal As A Progression Guild Is To Clear All Game Content And Have A Fun Time Doing It.

What to expect:

-Dedicated Leaders And A Great Raiding Experience.
-Constant 20 Man Progression. (when it is formed)
-A Fun Time Inside And Our Of Raid.
-Dedicated Guild To Progress.

What we expect from you:

-Be Able To Understand Your Class To The Best Of Your Abilities And Improve On Your Self And Help Others Improve When Possible.
-Maintain A Consistant Performance During Raids And Keep Multiple Souls To Perform Different Tasks
-Take The Time To Watch And Learn Boss Encounters. We Will Be Using Strats Close To The Ones From RiftStrats.com
-A Friendly Atmosphere. We Allow Zero Drama
-Be Geared With Pots Nd Other Consumables Before Invites Go Out. If You Are Unable To Attend A Raid Please Post On Our Website Forums Or Tell An Officer
-We Expect You To Watch And Learn From Each Other And Improve Where You Can.
-Have Fun In Raids And After Them

Gear requirement:

-We Would Prefer You Are 320 Hit/Focus With A Little HK Experience But If You Are Not We Have No Problem Gearing You Up

Raid Schedule (75%+ attendance is required, 3 out 4 days each week):

-Monday - 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm PST (server time)
-Tuesday - 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm PST (server time)
-Wednesday - 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm PST (server time)
-Thursday - 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm PST (server time)



-Through Consistant Attendance And Exeptional Performance In And Out Of Raid You Will Be Reviewed And Promoted When Deserving.
-Attendance And Attention Are Key. We Are Not In Anyway Casual But Will Not Technically Be "Hard-Core".
-During Initiation, YOU CAN OBTAIN LOOT!

Loot System:

-Loot will be handled through Loot Council. Raid performance, attendance, previously obtained loot and the value of the upgrade for each individual will be taken into account. Any kind of favoritism will not exist within the council, our mindset is towards progression, not phat lewtz. Unfortunately, loot is part of the progression, and we guarantee this will be handled fairly.

-In terms of "off-spec" loot, that will be discussed more clearly during the interview. To put it roughly, "off-spec" loot won't be taken into account for "main" spec loot.


These are listed on the website.
All Class And Roles

Contact Us:
Please Contact An Officer In Game.
Or Visit Us At FateExiled.Guildlaunch.com

Warrior Officer - Ekarus
Cleric Officer - Sweetie
Rogue Officer - Chax