<Outcasts> on Seastone

GSB and ROS on farm. We would explain the fights to you if you didn't know them. (We use ventrilo) We are progressing in HK right now 3/11. <Outcasts> started raiding later than most guilds even though we have been around on Freeholme since the start. (Just recently transferred to Seastone and loving it!)

The server is great and the guild is great. We have one raid group right now and we are forming a second group of alts that are geared and know the fights and for those that are wanting to raid but aren't in the primary group.

We want you to be able to raid and progress if you want to! GSB and ROS runs until everyone is up for HK and then we'll start hitting HK as well.

We currently raid Sat/Tues/Thursday at 3pm server (6pm EST) and the second group is to be determined but will probably remain at the 3pm server raid time just on days that the primary group isn't raiding, which would give everyone a shot at raiding as long as they are available at 3pm server!

Real life comes before the game. If you know you're going to be gone, just let someone know so that we know to replace you. It's as simple as that!

Check us out at: http://OutcastsGuild.GuildPortal.com

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