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Thread: <UnkowN> SEA/Oceanic (Dayblind) 10/11 currently recruiting all class

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    Default <UnkowN> SEA/Oceanic (Dayblind) 10/11 currently recruiting all class

    Hello Fellow Defiants !

    Who are we?
    Unknown, a GMT+8/10 level 15 guild in DAYBLIND shard, is currently open for recruitment for Hammerknell Fortress 10/11(HK)!

    Most of our members are from Singapore, Malaysia and Australia with a couple from the US.
    Majority of our members are Ranked 8 in PVP and are mostly HK geared!
    We are a cohesive group that tries to play together, even for fun events like the Life Event!
    Our team bonding events include wiping non-stop on bosses and having a good laugh when someone drops off the ledge and goes SPLAT!
    We always keep our members updated with the latest news and ongoing events like the Halloween Contest.. or drop you a banner when we are bullying some world event boss!! You know you want to join us !!!!!

    **We do not tolerate QQ nor Drama in the guild**

    Raiding Schedules
    Our raiding days are: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs [HK HK HK!]
    Our rest days are: Friday~Sundays - to do anything fun like RoS/GSB/DH/GP/Rift Farming [yes i have many lures to share with you!] etc!
    Timings above are in local Singapore time, 8.30pm~12 mn (GMT+8hrs).
    Server time would be 5.30am-8.30am & 4.30 am ~ 7.30am (Day Light Saving)

    Our Current Progress

    10 Man
    GP/DH (Speed Clears!)
    4/4 ROTP

    20 Man
    5/5 GSB, 4/4 ROS (Speed Clear!)
    10/11 HK (Akylios P1).

    We are currently opening up recruitment HK, hopefully starting a 2nd raid once we have enough.

    In addition, we're looking for any exceptional players with leadership qualities to take up the role of a raid leader.
    If you think you have what it takes do contact Keitaru, Yoruichi or Culain in-game.

    Classes we need
    Basically we want everything we can get our hands on.. especially women.. & err ... men..
    While we really want a minimum 321 hit/focus, if you are an exceptional player, feel free to let us know and we will consider you too!

    Recruitment Priority
    • 3 Spot Open - Warrior Tank (200 Toughness + 321 Hit)
      2 Spot Open - Rogue Tank (200 Toughness + 321 Hit)
      2 Spot Open - Cleric Tank (200 Toughness + 321 Hit)
      Open - Warrior DPS (321 Hit)
      Open - Rogue DPS (321 Hit)
      Open - Cleric (321 focus)
      Open - Mage (321 Focus)

    *Updated as of 2nd Dec 2011*

    Our website details
    Feel free to come and have a chat with us to learn more about our guild, and chat with us & see if you like our guys and WOMEN! We are friendly people and will love to chat with you on our inbuilt-chat-box, coded by our inhouse programmers, Adenosine & Xenodus!

    Mumble is required for all raids. Just listening is fine if you do not have a mic or is mic shy.

    Click HERE to apply now!

    Recruitment Peeps To Contact:
    1. Drizzi
    Please use format below to apply:
    • Title: <IGN> <level> <Race> <Class> <Role>

      Character Name :
      Class :
      Level :
      Your Age :
      Where are you from? (Country/Location/Region) :
      What is your gender? (M/F) :

      What are your current roles? (use Rift Zam Talent Calculator and paste a link to your build(s))*

      How much dps are you parsing on a dummy (self buffed / no consumable/ preferably in 321 hit or focus)

      Please post a screen shot or link of a publicly viewable parse of your DPS/HPS and Character stats.

      Please post screenshot of your Hit/Focus (All Classes)/ Toughness (TANKS ONLY) / Resistance Gear (Water Resist has to be at least 150).*

      Are you willing to respec in order to fit the raid's needs?

      What spec do you hope to use for raiding? DPS/TANK/HEALS?

      Are you willing to gear up, farm for consumables, enchants, potions, vials, and soul healing costs before coming on raids with or without guild help?

      What is your current/previous guild?

      Have you left your previous guild? If so, why?

      Provide at least one reference from your previous guild--if you've left it--that we may contact regarding your character:

      Who in UnknowN can vouch for you or referred you (If no one, how did you find out about us)?

      Are you able to attend raids consistently according to our schedule?

      What raids have you experienced in RIFT?

      You understand that currently we may have a full raid team and will be rotated if you are in a full class, or may be left out of raids entirely for extended periods?

      Are you willing to use voice communication? Have a working microphone and use it? You understand that we are asians and we have a different accent?
    Guild Leader <Yakisoba> Rift Wing on Hailol
    Progression: NT T1 Cleared
    NA First Lachstep achievement

    Click to Apply

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    Bump for mah guild!

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