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Thread: <Fusion - Greybriar> Seeks Adventures.

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    Default <Fusion - Greybriar> Seeks Adventures.

    Fusion is a Lvl 17 Guardian Guild on Greybriar and is currently recruiting all classes to add strength to our raid forces. We are a group of "adventurers" that enjoy the discovery of the unknown. We don't use online strats and don't tolerate spoilers. True gaming adventures! We consider ourselves casual but do expect folks that raid to be mature and conduct themselves in such a way.

    Our current progression:

    GSB 5/5
    GP 4/4
    DH 4/4
    RoS 5/5
    HK 1/10
    RotP 2/4


    Clerics - Healing Spec'd - High
    Mages - Med
    Rogues - Med
    Warriors - Med


    You are 21+ years of RL age.
    You are respectful and low drama.
    You can abide by our no-spoiler policy if you've seen progression content that we're currently tackling.
    You must use Mumble for raid activities, at least to listen.
    You must be willing to use the forums for event sign-ups, voting, etc.

    Raid Times:

    Tues - 8pm EST
    Thurs - 8pm EST
    Sun - 7pm EST

    If this sounds like something you are interested in please visit our website rift-fusion.net . You can also send a tell in game to Jesriel, Osolo, Miro, Jeans, Talmar, Vyt

    If you aren't a raider but you are looking for some helpful folks along the way, you are welcome as well!
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